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One-way car rental between Newark and NYC from Avis

by on Mar.26, 2009, under Rental Cars

Let me preface this post by telling everyone that I really despise Avis for its poor customer service. I have not rented from Avis in over 10 years due to a really horrible experience at Newark Liberty International (EWR). Ironically this post is about renting from Avis’s Newark facility. I won’t get into the details on my horrible experience; I will save it for another post… Given the latest Avis offer, I may actually consider going back to them to give it a go.

As one of the options to go from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) to NYC, I used to recommend National Car Rental with their one-way rental program. However, National Car Rental has ended its one-way car rental offer between Newark and NYC for $25 a day – which was an awesome deal. Avis has recently picked up the one-way car rental promotion. This means you can rent an Avis car from Newark Liberty International (EWR) and drop it off in New York City for $25 plus taxes or rent the car from an Avis location in NYC and return it to EWR. Here’s the link to reserve at Avis. You can also call Avis and mention AWD #K462601.

The Avis offer only works if you’re going from EWR to NYC on Thursday or Friday and from NYC to EWR on Sunday or Monday. The reason for this offer is Avis needs to get its cars from EWR to NYC for the weekend rentals. As a renter, you’re essentially doing the driving for Avis.

You should also be aware of the following restrictions:

  • One-way rental from EWR to NYC can only be picked up from Thursday after 1PM to Friday 10PM and it must be dropped off by Friday.
  • One-way rental from NYC to EWR can only be picked up from Sunday after 3PM to Monday 10PM. The car must be dropped off by mid-night on Monday.

Also read the fine prints from the link.

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How can US airlines make money from JFK to LAX (or SFO) – bailout is around the corner!

by on Mar.16, 2009, under Airlines

There are four airlines (American, Delta, United, Virgin) that operate nonstop flights between New York JFK and Los Angeles LAX. Each airline has six round trip flights per day out of each airport. This means there are 24 flights per day from JFK to LAX. Assuming each flight can carry around 200 passengers which means there are 4,800 available seats from JFK to LAX. Do we really need that many flights each day between the two cities?

The number gets bigger if you include the Greater NYC and Los Angeles areas. Continental which flies out of Newark has about eight nonstops to LAX, Burbank and Long Beach. Jetblue has four nonstops from JFK to Long Beach and Burbank. This means there are 36 flights a day with 7,200 available seats everyday from the Greater NYC to Los Angeles area.

The among of flights between the two metro areas are way too excessive. This is one of many excess and waste we have in America which is part of the reason we are in a recession. Just like having too many Starbucks on one street, too many Citibanks in a two block radius, we have too many airlines flying half empty planes coast to coast. I can see the demand for the flights during peak travel season and peak travel days such as Mondays, Thursdays, Fridays and Sundays. I highly doubt the Tuesday, Wednesday and Saturday flights are full.

For the record, the same airlines have similar among of flights between the Greater New York area and the Bay area (San Francisco, Oakland and San Jose). Also keep in mine that my statistics are only for NON-STOP flights. There are 200 more options if you decide to connect or use multiple carriers. Below is a simple search result from Kayak with a three week advance purchase search:

Kayak Search Result (JFK-LAX)

Kayak Search Result (JFK-LAX)

As a frequent coast to coast traveler, I have been on many half empty plane for the past month flying out on Monday mornings and Thursday evenings (which are peak travel times). Perhaps this is why my round trip tickets has not been more than $400 when I bought it 24 hours before the flight. This week’s round trip JFK/LAX ticket was $210 which was purchased 5 days in advanced. Competition driving prices down is capitalism at its best. I have benefited as a consumer. However we all should know that these airlines aren’t money on these flights. Here’s a link to a WSJ article (March 12, 2009) about fuel-hedging loses are impacting Cathay, Delta, etc. Eventually the airlines will go to the government to ask for money.

Government needs to step in to manage the airline industry or we will see another bail out request situation – which already happened once if you recalled post September 11. The previous bail out also drove every single major airline to bankruptcy. I may sound like a socialist but I rather be a socialist than paying for it like we are funding Wall Street and Detroit. I don’t want President Obama the US to appoint me as the Airline Czar to manage the bailout funds when he decides to distribute funds for airline failures. The airline industry needs government intervention now.

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How to get from Newark (EWR) to New York City (NYC)

by on Feb.28, 2009, under Business Travel, Vacation

There are many options from Newark Liberty International Airport (EWR) to New York City. Below are the options and cost overview. I highly recommend option 6 — Newark Liberty Airport Express operated by Olympia Trails. See the options and you will know why #6 is the cheapest and most efficient.

1.  If you are true jetsetter, go with the helicopter!  You can get to Manhattan in less than 10 minutes and will earn extra airline points on Continental and Delta.

2.  Most business travelers take a cab or limo from EWR to NYC which will run you $90 or so because you’re responsible for the NJ Turnpike tolls and tunnels. You will also have to sit in traffic if your flight lands in the morning or late in the evening.

3.  Rent a car one-way from Newark and drop it off in NYC is a good option when you land late at night or very early in the morning. National Car Rental has many one-way deals from EWR to NYC as they need cars in the City – especially on the weekends. Most National facilities also has deals for you to bring the car back to NYC. These deals usually have rules demanding you return the car to either NYC or EWR by 2PM the next day. One-way rentals can go as low as $40 with tax to $70 — tolls not included.

4. Super Shuttle is an alternative if you don’t mind sitting in a minivan like wagon with 10 people. You may also have to sit through 20 stops as people are dropped off or being picked up before your destination. The cost is around $20 and you don’t have to pay for any tolls.

5.  If you are super cheap and economical, you can take the EWR Airtrain. The Airtrain is cheap (~$12) but super inefficient. You will need to take the EWR Airtrain to Newark station and change to either the NJ-Transit train or Amtrak. For the NJ-Transit option, you will need to get off the EWR Airtrain at Newark station, take NJ-Transit to Journal Square and switch to another train to take you to either 33rd Street Midtown or World Trade Center downtown. For the Amtrak option, you can pick up the train at Newark train station and take it to PENN station in Midtown West or to Grand Central Station on Midtown East. Either way, I do not recommend this approach for anyone. The cost saving vs time/effort is not worth it.

6.  The Newark Liberty Airport Express is by far the best and most efficient way to go to/from EWR to NYC. For $13, you are pretty much guaranteed to go from Midtown Manhattan to EWR in 45 minutes. The bus is large like a greyhound and comfortable — they are rarely full. Buses run every 30 minutes north/south along 42nd Street. Buses make stops at Grand Central, Bryant Park (by the Grace building) and Port Authority Terminal. The last bus leaves NYC and EWR at 1:00AM every morning and begins as early as 4AM. Staff on the bus are friendly and they accept cash or credit cards. The Airport Express is kind of hard to find in Newark as they did a horrible job with advertising and signage. There are bus and shuttle parking alongside all Newark terminals (A, B and C).

Hope everyone finds this post helpful. We look forward to your comments.

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